The first non-invasive, prep-free imaging test for colon cancer

Early detection saves lives. Everyone over 50 owes themselves a colon cancer screening - and with Check-Cap, they'll be much more likely to get one. That's because the Check-Cap capsule requires no preparation or invasive procedures. Patients continue their daily routine as it travels painlessly through the colon, to be excreted naturally a day or two later. Check-Cap is not only patient friendly; it's also expected to detect clinically significant polyps within the same range of accuracy as a standard colonoscopy.

Check-Cap's tiny X-ray Radar device creates a 3-D reconstructed image of the colon. No prior bowel cleansing is needed because it uses X-rays, which can "see through" the intestinal content that optics cannot. Exposure to radiation is minimal. The capsule transmits data to a wrist-worn device, where it is stored for a physician's analysis. If nothing is detected, no colonoscopy is necessary. If the 3D images reveal polyps, a therapeutic colonoscopy will be prescribed as needed.

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Check-Cap. Patient-friendly. Accurate. Life-Saving.

No preparation, invasive procedures or sedation are required. The patient simply swallows the Check-Cap capsule and continues his or her daily routine while the capsule travels painlessly through the colon. Small amounts of standard contrast agent are taken with meals.